What is a Discord Kitten?

If you’re a regular discord user, then you might have come across the slang “Discord Kitten” once or twice.

It might sound like it’s all about cats, well shockingly it’s not. “Discord Kitten” is a term used as an alternative for “Sugar baby” on Discord who do things to please others for Nitro.

In this blog post, you will get to know everything about Discord Kittens.

What is a Discord Kitten?

A Discord Kitten is a person who is pampered with goods, services, or other benefits (such as Discord Nitro) in exchange for Discord companionship or a dating-like relationship. To say it simply, “Discord Kittens” act as sugar babies and please other people to get Discord Nitro in return

Discord Kittens can be either male or female, but mostly it is used for female users.

kittens on Discord

The term can be used ironically or to define the relationship. For example, if a user gives another user Discord Nitro, the recipient may be referred to as a “Discord Kitten” by the “Gifter”. This is an instance of the term being used ironically.

On the other hand, there are a number of dating servers and chat rooms on Discord in which people are looking for others to provide material support in exchange for companionship.

In such cases, these people who want to be taken care of materially and are willing to act as “Sugar baby” are known as Discord Kittens.

Discord Kittens are also typically younger, and those caring for them are typically older and richer, but this is not always the case.

What is a Discord Daddy or Kitten Daddy?

A Discord Daddy, also known as a Kitten Daddy, is someone who financially looks after a Discord Kitten. A Discord Daddy may give their Discord Kittens items such as Discord Nitro or money.

An AI generated image of a male with moustache (being used here as a discord kitten daddy)

Despite the name “Discord Daddy,” the person responsible for a Discord Kitten can be either male or female. But usually, they are older males with money.

Origin of the Term “Discord Kitten”?

SlaytypeDA coined the term “Discord Kitten” in a Tweet on December 30th, 2016. However, the term “Discord Kitten” did not become popular until 2021, when Youtuber ‘Quackity’ started referring to those he played with as his Discord Kittens.

As far as Quackity is concerned, he would pretend to be in fake relationships with other Youtubers about the things that he would get them as his “Discord Kitten”. Since then, the term has grown in popularity, and you can now find it on Reddit, Twitch, YouTube, and, of course, Discord.

Others have even created montages based on the slang term.

Jamisho, for example, made an entire video mocking the Discord Kitten / Discord Daddy relationship, as well as other Discord interactions. It’s actually pretty amusing.

Although there are genuine Discord Daddy and Discord Kitten relationships, most people who use the term do so as a joke when they purchase something for someone on Discord.

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How To Become A Discord Kitten?

Though Discord dating servers are the most pretty commonplace for those looking for Discord Kittens to hang out with. Becoming a “Discord kitten” is not a recommended or ethical practice.

The concept of a Discord kitten revolves around users engaging in a “sugar baby” type of relationship, where they try to please others (usually called “Kitten Daddies”) in exchange for receiving Discord Nitro or other perks.

This kind of relationship can lead to manipulation, exploitation, and unhealthy power dynamics.

Instead of engaging in such activities, consider focusing on building genuine connections and friendships within the Discord community. You can join servers that align with your interests, engage in discussions, and contribute positively to the community. Remember to respect others, be kind, and practice online safety when interacting with people on the platform.

Is it Safe Being a Discord Kitten Or Discord Daddy?

Labeling yourself as a Discord kitten or Discord Daddy is neither safe nor recommended as it can lead to unhealthy relationships, manipulation, and exploitation.

A Discord Kitten and Discord Daddy relationship may begin amicably, but over time, a Discord Daddy may begin to ask for things other than online chatting and companionship. Things that a Discord Kitten might find uncomfortable.

The dynamics of such relationships can result in harmful power imbalances and create an unsafe environment for the individuals involved.

This is especially true if you are under the age of 18. Unfortunately, some people take advantage of these labels and use them to target minors. This applies to both Discord Kittens and Discord Daddies.

Similarly, many Discord Daddies get conned by Discord Kittens who pretend to be interested in them or use other tactics.

Therefore, always prioritize your safety and well being rather than looking for free money or instant pleasure.

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Are Discord Kittens Allowed on Discord?

Kittens are permitted on Discord. Discord Kittens and Discord Daddies are not prohibited by Discord rules. There are rules on Discord regarding sexual content, but as long as the Discord Kittens and Daddies do not break any of these rules, there is no problem.

When Discord Kittens and Discord Daddies engage in sexual behavior or conversations without the consent of other users, they violate the Discord guidelines.

It is also illegal to sexualize children or create adult content for users under the age of 18. As long as they don’t engage in this type of behavior, the Discord Kitten and Discord Daddy labels are considered fine.

What is a UwU Girl on Discord?

On Discord, a UwU Girl is a girl who brings the UwU emoji to life. UwU girls typically act, speak, and dress like anime girls. They are frequently, but not always, sexually suggestive. They are also very cute and bubbly, much like an anime girl.

UwU Girl on Discord

People frequently mix up Discord Kittens and UwU girls, but they are not the same thing. Having said that, a Discord Kitten can be a UwU girl and vice versa. Both are simply Discord slang terms.


Discord kittens are sugar babies who please people on Discord to get Nitro or money in return. Discord users who financially own Discord kittens are referred to as “Kittens Daddies” in Discord jargon. These Daddies (users) provide Nitro to the kitten, and the kittens will go to any length to please the Daddy. This blog discussed Discord kitten briefly, as well as some other related information.

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