AI Detector Pro

AI Detector Description

In a world where artificial content generation is becoming commonplace, the AI Detector Pro emerges as a leading-edge solution. Guaranteeing an unmatched level of accuracy, this advanced tool stands out by continuously analyzing and adapting to the latest outputs from top AI engines such as ChatGPT, GPT-3, GPT-4, and BARD. With a commitment to performance so strong, they even offer a money-back guarantee if you find a better-performing AI detector*.

AI Detector Pro is the ultimate solution for accurately detecting AI-generated content. With a constantly updated recognition algorithm, it scours outputs from leading AI models like ChatGPT, GPT-3, GPT-4, and BARD. This comprehensive platform offers project management, additional tools, and utilities. Gain insights with confidence levels and sentence-level details. Check documents or websites, access over 30 tools, and enjoy flexible pricing plans. Trust AI Detector Pro for the most accurate AI detection available.

Who is AI Detector Pro for?

Designed for a broad range of digital professionals, AI Detector Pro is perfect for anyone who values content authenticity. From content creators to editors, website administrators to security professionals, AI Detector Pro serves all who wish to ensure their content remains genuinely human.

Features & Benefits of AI Detector Pro

This AI tool extends far beyond mere AI content detection, offering an array of valuable features:

  • Detailed Reporting: The tool provides a clear understanding of which parts of your content might be AI-produced, highlighting suspicious sections.
  • Advanced Reports & Confidence Levels: AI Detector Pro generates detailed reports showing the likelihood of content being AI-generated, offering valuable insights to inform your decisions.
  • Document and Website Checks: Simply paste text or insert a URL, AI Detector Pro is designed to fetch and scrutinize your content effortlessly.
  • Project Management: This feature enables effective organization and management of your AI detection reports.
  • Expansive Tools & Utilities: With over 30 additional tools and utilities at your disposal, AI Detector Pro is much more than an AI detector.
  • Flexible Pricing Plans: This AI detector offers a variety of flexible pricing plans for every budget


AI Detector Pro boasts simple and flexible pricing plans that accommodate every budget:

Free Trial

$0/ month
  • 3 reports


with 50% off code MSXOA3
$27.98$13.99/ month
  • 100 reports / month
  • Research tools
  • Content tools
  • Data export


with 50% off code MSXOA3
$49.98$24.99/ month
  • Unlimited reports
  • Research tools
  • Developer tools
  • Content tools
  • Data export
  • API (additional fee)*


  • Exceptional accuracy in AI detection
  • Continually evolving algorithm
  • A comprehensive suite of over 30 additional tools and utilities
  • Flexible pricing with a free tier option
  • Free trial, so no credit card is required to start


  • Some advanced features available only in the paid plans
  • Additional charges apply for API access

Choose AI Detector Pro as your trusted companion in preserving the authenticity of your content in the digital world influenced by AI.

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