What does “NaN Miles” mean on Facebook?

NaN Miles sign meaning

NaN Miles means “Not a Number” Miles. It is an error that Facebook shows on marketplace listings for vehicles and other such items where sellers do not specify the location or enter the wrong value.

What does “NaN Miles” mean on Facebook? If you’ve been searching the internet for a new vehicle of some kind, whether a car, boat, or even a snowmobile, you may have come across the term ‘driven NAN miles’, or ‘NaN Miles’ which may have left you confused.

This article explains what does “NAN miles” or “driven NAN miles” Mean on Facebook or other platforms. Moreover, you will also know where you could expect to see NAN miles, and why NAN is even mentioned as a piece of information.

What does “NaN” Miles Mean?

The phrase ‘NAN‘ means ‘Not a Number‘. The word NAN, or ‘not a number,’ attempts to explain to the reader that it is not possible to represent a specific value larger than 0 or that there’s no value associated with the number of miles.

NaN originally comes from the field of computing when there was a need to communicate a situation in a value that was not a number because displaying a number was impossible.

NAN Miles may be used for a variety of reasons including:

  • An error in the computing system calculating and reporting distance
  • The user entered a mileage value incorrectly or intentionally left it blank
  • Mileage cannot be attributed to the type of vehicle being advertised, such as a boat, which is not measured in miles.

Let’s cite an example. Say you’re trying to buy a car online and the listing website shows NaN miles. That could mean a few things. The first possibility is that the website is unable to determine the distance between your location and the location provided by seller.

The second possibility is that the seller has written NaN miles in the description instead of writing mileage of the car. That is because sometimes people write “NA” or “NaN Miles” in the description in the hopes of attracting interested people to contact them about the car. So, if you are satisfied with what you see and want to know about mileage, you will contact the person. That gives the seller a chance to effectively negotiate a sales price with you.

What does NaN Miles Mean on Facebook?

NAN miles on Facebook could mean two things.

First, the distance between you and the item you are seeing is undefined. Or if it is a listing for vehicle of any kind, it signifies that the mileage number was not submitted correctly or at all in the Marketplace listing for that vehicle.

So, all Facebook can display for the mileage in that advertisement is ‘NAN miles,’ indicating that the system was unable to retrieve and publish the correct information.

What does NaN Miles mean on Facebook?NaN Miles meaning on Facebook Marketplace is "Not a Number"

Why do Some Facebook Marketplace Listings for Cars Say “NaN Miles” or “Driven NaN Miles”?

Sometimes Facebook may not properly register the distance that people enter into their listing and writes “NaN.” (not a number). As a result, they must either modify the listing or change the way the values were entered.

Other than NaN Miles, It is normal to see driven NAN miles in Facebook Marketplace ads. Driven NaN Miles meaning on Facebook or any other selling platform is that the mileage of the vehicle you are looking at is not available. Possible reason behind that could be, the seller wants you to contact them directly and ask for more information.

Reasons for listings showing NaN Miles

1. NaN Miles is Displayed Due to a Calculation Error

If the system used to display mileage incorrectly processes or calculates mileage, NaN will be displayed to indicate an error in understanding and showing the right figure.

2. NaN Miles are Displayed Due to a User Input Error

Driven NAN miles may appear if the user attempting to enter mileage values into a form does so incorrectly. For example, by entering in a character that should not be there or is not a number.

Or they may have mistakenly left out mileage information, and all the system can do is put ‘NAN miles’ in the vehicle advertisement.

3. NAN Miles are Displayed because the Value is in the Incorrect Format

NAN miles may also appear because the values entered into a mileage form by the user may be in the incorrect format.

For example, if a user writes the numbers in text form rather than actual numerical values (numbers), the system may reject this format as it is difficult to calculate numerically, so ‘Driven NaN miles’ may be displayed instead.

4.  NAN Miles is written intentionally by the seller

The most typical place you might see NAN miles or Driven NAN miles stated is in vehicle advertisements, where the vehicle’s mileage should appear.

If the mileage data is incorrectly submitted by the user or incorrectly processed by the system making the advertisement, NAN will most likely appear in the mileage field of the advertisement.

5. ‘Driven NAN Miles’ Might be Shown for Boats

Because the distance boats travel in their lives is not routinely tracked and reported as mileage, the term ‘NAN miles’ appears frequently in boat advertisements. Boats are frequently measured in terms of hours on the water, etc.

When a boat seller creates an advertisement for a boat and wants to fill in the mileage area, they may enter N/A or leave the form blank.

This is then displayed as ‘NAN miles’ in the advertisement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people say NaN miles?

For vehicle listings where people say NaN Miles, it could mean that they are withholding this information and want you to contact them in order to get more details.

How many miles is NaN?

NaN is an abbreviation of “Not a Number”. So if you are seeing NaN miles instead of distance, that means the distance is unspecified.

What does it mean when a car is driven NaN miles?

Driven Nan Miles for a car means that the mileage of the car is not available. However, the usual reason behind that is the seller wants you to contact them for information and is intentionally not writing it in the listing.
It is also possible that the mileage of the car is not available because of some other issue but that is unlikely unless it’s a damaged car available for spare parts.

What is NaN slang for?

NaN generally means “Not a Number”. however, based on the context, NaN slang could also mean Grandmother if it is being said by a kid.
In the online communities, NaN sometimes also means “No Action Necessary”.

What does NaN Miles mean on a Caravan?

NaN Miles on a Caravan means that the distance travelled by the caravan is unknown. This could be because the caravan or the trailer has been standing for a long time, the records of the caravan are missing, or simply because the odometer is not working.

What does Nan Miles mean on a Camper?

NaN Miles on camper could mean that the distance travelled by the camper is either not available or cannot be determined because of malfunctioning odometer or missing records.

What does driven NaN Miles mean?

Driven NaN miles means that the mileage of the vehicle is not available. However, it is often because the seller is intentionally withholding the information so interested buyers would contact him about that.

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